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Football Lovers: EFF Threaten To Do This if Stadiums Are Not Open


Leadership is well known for seeking peace and negotiations, but when it comes to economic freedom fighters, they don’t intertwine with peace. Every time they want something, they always threaten to protest or forcefully do what they want. Is this how an opposition party should be? The only good thing about Eff's leadership is that they are always on people's sides. Their leadership is the voice of the people because they never oppose what the people want.



Many people have been wondering when football fans will be allowed back into stadiums since South Africa moved to an adapted level 1 lockdown, because many other countries allow fans to enter stadiums. There has been an ongoing call for stadiums to be opened.



You will remember that President Cyril Ramaphosa said that in order for stadiums to operate at their full capacity, people must be vaccinated at large. A few weeks ago, there was speculation that the SAFA was considering opening stadiums but only for those who are vaccinated. Wearing a mask will be mandatory. Many people were not happy with this.



As we know, the EFF interferes in any burning issue. They are at it again. Finally, the economic freedom fighters have decided to advocate for football lovers. They are threatening that if stadiums are not opened for football lovers to watch soccer live, there will be a total shutdown. This came after the Eff leader Julius malema led hundreds of EFF supporters on a march around Church Square demanding that stadium Ma should be open. After seing that the minister of sports doesn’t seem to be moved by the March they decided to add more efforts by threatening that there will be Total shutdown of the stadiums are not open. Many people supported this idea and even said they did not see a reason for not opening stadiums because all other things like tarvens are closed. See some of the comments from people who backed EFF on this matter:



Opening stadiums will not only be good for the fans, but it will also help to recover our economic status because the more people buy the tickets, the more the government benefits. There’s no way that the whole country can be vaccinated. People don’t want vaccines, and if we wait for more people to be vaccinated before opening stadiums, then we’ll forever wait because people don’t want vaccines. I support eff. Stadiums must be open.


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