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Look at how people responded to this post: Opinion

The people have responded to these guy's post that says, "no matter what you do, please don't vote for ANC." Someone then commended, "relax Baba" I'm going to vote for ANC! Some are saying, if we had a president like Vusi Thembekwayo this country would be far. Those are just the oeople's opinions that do not know what is happening in politics, that don't have any knowledge about what is needed for this country to change or move forward.

It doesn't take a good person for this country to change, because your goodness will not get rid of whatever corrupt and rottenness of our political leaders. It takes the change of the system because if the system does not change, even if your Vusi Thembekwayo can be voted into the presidential position, there is still going to be no change that will come because, it doesn't take the goodness of a person, how educated a person maybe, all the skills it, though it matters a bit but what matters most is the system.

It is the first thing need, the system to change, when the system changes, even the most corrupt leader can become a good person, because the system channel that person to behave, knowing the punishment that comes with disobeying, or going against the system.

When the system has become effective, it will channel leaders to behave well or bad. The reason why we have a lot of those that are corrupt, we Are never satisfied with any of them, starting from Nelson Mandela to Thabo Mbeki, from Thabo Mbeki to Jacob Zuma, from Jacob Zuma to president Cyril Ramaphosa, none of them has ever satisfied the South Africans on this presidential leadership position.

All of them when they are to be investigated, they have some form of corruption that is found about them. Which shows that it is not people with a problem, but it is the system. The system allows them to do that, the system itself automatically lead the good leaders are stray. So we have to sit down and change the system, when the system is changed, then we can be able to be sure that the same system will channel leaders towards good behavior.

If the system is rotten, it changes even good people with good intentions over our people. You know it is easy to change a person than to change a system. A system has got the cultures and traditions that are very stubborn to get the rid of. So even if a new party come, but within the same system, we are still going to experience what we are experiencing now.

It doesn't take a new person, or a new party or whatever people are saying, it it takes the change of the system. When the system is looked into and adjusted, getting rid of certain things that encourage corruption, and this kind of behaviour can be dealt with latter. Then now we can be able to bring a person into a well adjusted system. Bringing a person into that old system is like a house that is dirty and when he starts sneezing, we ask, why is sneezing. First thing first, if we wanted that person not to sneeze, we would have cleaned the dust out of the house, that is what is needed with our political issues in South Africa.

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