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Do you Think Zuma Was Called to the Con Court to Explain Why he Doesn't go to Zondo Commission ?


They are now changing the story that everyone know very well, they say Zuma was called to con court to explain, WHY HE DOES NOT GO TO ZONDO COMMISSION. What is wrong with this nation? I do not understand what wrong in our country. SABC journalist is asking Zuma's brother why Zuma did not go to Concourt to explain why he is not going to Zondo commission. They remember what did not happen and forget what happened.

After Zondo refused to recuse himself in presiding over Zuma when he appear in commission Zuma appealed Zondo decision to high court. After Zondo approved Zuma appeal to high court knowing Zuma is waiting for high court to make its judgement he went to his juniors in Concourt asking them to force him to appear in the commission disregarding pending judgement on appeal.

The story has changed now. They say Zuma was called into concourt to explain why he does not go to Zondo and did not even border to answer concourt why. When the truth is that concourt was asked to force Zuma to answer in Zondo commission. The concourt and Zondo did not mind the appeal to high court and still Zuma critics do not see anything wrong with that. Legally and politically there is lot wrong with that. Defying concourt did not happened before concourt trample on Jacob Zuma's right. Indeed we are in a very sick nation, I remember very well, they never called him to explain, they just compelled him the only thing CJ was a letter he wrote, asking Zuma which sentence he think might be good for him

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