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Julius Malema said it when he was campaigning before elections, and changed after people voted for him. Foreigners are occupying jobs that should be occupied by Citizens.

Man like Cyril Ramaphosa who is for whites in the country, and illegal immigrants by blatantly refusing to Put South Africa first is a failed president, paying R350 to citizens and expecting them to survive but government fossils get 100 Thousands and they're struggling.

If a billionaire like Jack Ma can go missing. Imagine what will happen if EFF and Malema can take power in this country, They will more than just media and Financial Sector to control us. People will go missing, SANDF will be used to deal with those who criticise GOVT.

Before Cyril Ramaphosa instructs the nation on the next Covid Lockdown, maybe citizens could rightly expect an update on what’s happened to the Billions in Covid funding already borrowed in their name.

Cyril Ramaphosa is at it killing small businesses and destroying jobs while allowing his masters to sell more wine. The new measures are logically not meant to stop the spread but to again destroy the economy. Where are fake SMME relief loans.

The day we start remembering Winnie Mandela as hero who is still hated by the enemy and confront Nelson Mandela's fake reconciliation is gonna be the day we are taking the first step to real democracy. Only then we can talk about a better live for all South Africans

Zondo Commission was started to tell nation that there is a crime called state capture and Zuma is responsible for it. They called Zuma's haters to testify that, now it's to time to produce a report they're confused by definition of state capture & how to prove it.

Ramaphosa's Profile (Part 1):

1. Raised by whites

2. Accused of being spy during Apartheid

3. NUM front

4. Learned he is weak in politics & used politics to get to business

5. Stole Bakery from Sam Malope

6. Stole McD deal from black brothers tried steal Nike

Ramaphosa Profile (Part 2):

1. Gave us Afriforum Constitution

2. Killed black people in Marikana

3. Removed Tom Moyane to give WMC tax freeway & targeted SMMEs

4. Messed up the economy

5. Gave PIC to WMC as a purse

6. Destroyed Eskom & SOEs to benefit WMC

Cyril's Profile (Part 3):

1. As he was an NUM/WMC front, he was WMC front with CR17 campaign

2. Open doors for Covid19 & looting

3. Used Covid19 to enrich WMC while SMMEs closed down & people lost jobs

4. Gave nation future debt

5. Blew R500B

6. Giving jobs to Whites

Cyril Ramaphosa government legit refused to increase government employees salaries with claims of "no money" then goes and takes over 3 Billion Rands from same government employees pension savings at GEPF and give it to their ANC comrades like Jabu Moleketi to buy 51% of SAA

ThumaMina Regime which prove it hates Blacks with passion did NOT ascend to power on it's sole effort, it acquired enormous assistance from people like Julius Malema and Mmusi Maimane who used their political influence to mobilize Thousands to support their Regime Changes of 2016

Since it's Youth Month the ANC will simply launch those initiatives like YES and get Millions of donations like Volvo gave R25m in 2018, then take few young people and call it "Youth Empowerment" while youth unemployment increase as it did between 2018 to 2021 from 50% to 75%

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