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To Remove ANC In Power, South Africans Must Do These Things, Number 3 Is Very Necessary

ANC is the major political party in South Africa that is leading the political activities. President Cyril Ramaphosa and some of his ministers are members of the party. 

South Africans have been complaining about ANC and I think this is the right time I advise people on the things to do to remove ANC from power. 

Here are the 5 things to do for ANC to leave power.

1. Become One

People must come out with a voice and a decision to remove ANC from power. South Africans need to agree on a political party or candidate to vote for. This is very important so that majority of the votes would go for the party or candidate.

2. Vote During Elections

I see a lot of comments about people saying they won't vote during this local government's election, that is not a good decision. If you are complaining about ANC, then come out and vote for a different party.

3. Decide On A Leader To Elect

This is very important, people should decide on the type of leaders they want and must decide on who to vote. This would successfully give people the opportunity to remove ANC.

4. Expose Corrupt ANC Members

Pilicians can be removed when they are found guilty of corruption. So if people want corrupt ANC politicians, gather evidence and present it to the appropriate authorities to remove them from power. 

5. Fight For Their Rights

When politicians are not carrying out their duties, people must fight for their rights and demand good governance. If ANC politicians are not ready to provide good governance, they should be removed.

Removing the political party in power has to start from the lower level to the higher level. Is going to be very hard for South Africans to remove ANC in power from the top. I would advise that people should start from the lower level, which means people should take advantage of the local government elections that are coming on the 1st of November. 

Come out and vote on 1st November.

Thanks for reading my article, have a great day.

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