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During Door to Do Champagne Look ANC workers What the they were given

It's a hard thing to do but if you want to progress in your organization and to see the change you have to do all things you might do to save your party or in gaining of voters. Such work has never been easy but it's a most for them to do it.

During the Champagne, the comrades pass by the urban areas where they were having a certain ceremony, So in a Zulu Culture you cannot enter Home and get them celebrating and turn to ignore their rituals, but you need to take a sip or eat their meals.

Nevertheless, it's only 28 days led before the big event takes over. All Parties are fighting with all their powers to gain voters. But there's a pity thing when people go to vote it's their secret and no one is permitted to see what party are they voting for.


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ANC Champagne Zulu


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