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Here's How It Looks Like In Parking Lot Of MTN Rank

As everyone probably knows by Johannesburg used to be one of the cleanest cities not only in South Africa but the rest of the world during the 90s but it was ran under the apartheid government so no blacks were allowed to walk in the city.

Ever since Mandela achieved democracy for fellow South Africans, it seems like the people are abusing that freedom and not taking care of their city. We can point fingers at the ANC all we want but fact of the matter is that even people are to blame because they're the ones constantly littering.

Also the many foreigners occupying the City Of Johannesburg is also a major contributor to all of this mess. 80% of all the buildings in CBD of Johannesburg are occupied by foreigners and some of them are living illegally in those buildings without paying no rent and the rates.

We can't exclude the ANC from the formula because they're the leaders of the country so they too deserve to be scrutinized for letting this situation get this far.

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