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1 year of work and no pay from ANC.

Soviet Lekganyane said that they had been conducting an ethical campaign.

Charges that SOVIET Lekganyane was hell-bent on undermining the impending party election were shot down by Lekganyane, who called the allegations "cold water."

As the secretary in charge of organizing the conference and at the forefront of making it a success, Lekganyane, the provincial ANC Limpopo secretary, told the Daily Sun that he would not be the one to sabotage it. He is at the forefront of making it a success.

He was responding to repeated allegations that he intended to disrupt the conference that was being held to elect new leadership in advance of the national conference that was scheduled to take place in December.

According to Lekganyane, this might be due to the concerns of members from branches where problems were being handled by the national dispute resolution committee. Since May of the previous year, I have been volunteering my time for the ANC without receiving anything. How am I even going to come up with the funds to go to court? According to what he claimed, "we have been operating a clean campaign."

He said that individuals who spread rumors are those who are worried they have done something wrong at branch meetings and that anything that has been done wrong will not be concealed. He said this because anything that has been done wrong will not be hidden.

In the race for secretary, Lekganyane will be running on a slate that is competing against the slate of the current chairman, Stan Mathabatha, who has the support of a prominent person named Danny Msiza. As a result of the step-aside regulation, Msiza has decided to withdraw.

In addition, the Mathabatha slate has the support of the all-powerful Peter Mokaba Region, which is the same region where Lekganyane reportedly said that certain branches were improperly created. Lekganyane said that this is not the case, citing the fact that he originates from the same area and was selected by one of the organizations' chapters.

According to what he stated, "if there are conflicts in Peter Mokaba, they must be resolved." "The individual who organized a fake conference will have trouble falling or staying asleep. It is about a secretary who wants to put on a conference that is well-organized and successful.

According to what he indicated, the state need to steer clear of having a conference that would end up being invalidated because of fake branches. He said that the province has scheduled the conference for the 3rd to the 5th of June, but they will wait for the resolution committee to provide their approval before moving further.


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