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Immigration policy

South Africans are left fuming after Nigerian made these threats, read what

South Africa is one of the countries that believes in rainbow nation and it surely live up to what they preach.

Sadly, there has been a lot of crimes allegedly committed by immigrants which led South Africans to take it upon themselves to makes demands and push a movement about putting South Africans first.

"Foreigners threatning war against South Africans. Stop this immigration madness now before we have civil war in this country.#PutSouthAfricansFirst," one tweeted

"The sad thing is they won't dare do this in their own country. South Africans are not weak, our government is. Given a chance we can finish this in just an hour and the whole world will start talking again. They must not provoke us", another chimed in

" Well said Patriot", another one said

In the video that infuriated South Africans, a Nigerian man is heard saying, South Africa will have war that is more severe than apartheid war and it's not clear what led him to saying those words anf declaring war in a foreign country.

" I've never seen a bunch of foreigners so confident and entitled in a foreign land. The ANC mismanagement of immigration is turning us into a laughing stock. These people must not try us. SAns can deliver unimaginable level of violence when pushed", another one commented.

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