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Meet a Zimbabwean fraudster who failed lawyer in Britain

Meet Masimba Mavaza, a ZANUPF propagandist, fraudster and failed lawyer in Britain who many have alleged defrauded them of their hard earned money, he lost his job as a magistrate in Corby Town after he failed to inform the Advisory Committee of his arrest for fraud by false representation.

A conduct investigation by the Corby local Advisory Committee found that Mavaza had not demonstrated the qualities of good character and sound judgment, and recommended that he should be removed from the magistracy a report said many Zimbabweans shared testimonies of how he swindled them money. Mavaza who is alleged to have facilitated a meeting between Corby’s new mayor, Tafadzwa Chikoto and President Mnangagwa writes long convoluted articles in the State media attacking anyone opposed to Corrupt Rule in Zimbabwe. Mavaza took money from many Zimbabweans in the United Kingdom promising them UK Visas, sadly many could not report him for fear of exposing their immigration situationsThese guys ED and Chiwenga carried out a successful coup but they were never prepared to govern Zimbabwe, how can normal leaders sell Lithium mineral to the Chinese, Zimbabwe is being run by ruthless and unqualified freaks who doesn't take constructive criticism one day our grand children will curse our generation, for having allowed Zanu PF and a few individuals to plunder and destroy our beautiful country. Zimbabweans lets accept this we are cowards because we allowed worthless individuals to cause great damage to our country, whilst all of us are starring and twerking to Zanu PF regime

In this 2015 article there is more about this conman

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