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Good news this morning as Ramaphosa revealed the rewards that will be given to vaccinated citizens.


It's been a week since the country's president, Cyril Ramaphosa, spoke to the nation about the latest unforeseen development. This is because the president has thrown the country into chaos by raising the alert level to

1. It's no secret that Ramaphosa chose to raise the country's alert level to 1 in order to work on his side during the next election. 

This is because some individuals might find it difficult to vote online for a party that only cared about them during election seasons. This is due to the ruling party's proclivity for purchasing votes at this crucial period, and the country has finally decided that enough is enough. 

This was noticed when the president was captured protesting by some Gauteng locals, which irritated him. One of the reasons for people's dissatisfaction was the ruling party's recent behavior, which included a lack of service delivery. If the African National Congress remains in power, this will never stop, and the issues in South Africa will only become worse. 

Vaccinated people can rejoice, as they are expected to reap the benefits of their efforts to prioritize their health. This is due to the fact that vaccinated individuals would be rewarded for their efforts in listening to the country, which was unanticipated. Since the president started the Vooma Vaccine campaign, it has now been confirmed that more than 50 000 people have been vaccinated. 

These advantages include the opportunity to watch a live game on Tuesday at FNB Stadium between South Africa and Ethiopia in their third FIFA World Cup qualifier. This appears to be the only method to vaccinate individuals, particularly men who spend their money on sporting events, and the question now is whether their strategy will work or will be in vain. 

What are your thoughts on this, and why are they the way they are? 

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