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Nelson Chamisa Must Explain the Difference Between Corruption and Sanctions to Ordinary Citizens


Advocate Nelson Chamisa please explain to people about these sunctions and the effects of corruption to the ordinary people , people are being mislead by Zanu pf about these targeted sunctions especially rural people. But the truth be said, the votes route" along this captured system will never work, MDC seems to have been winning most past elections but shut out by the system with impunity, not votesFor the MDC to rule, a scenario similar to pre 1980, must exist in Zimbabwe, if Mugabe had not become the leader in 1980, with or without an election, the war would not have ended a condition set by majority. MDC is wasting time, energy and resources by election campaigns hogwash which has been directly overruled for more than 2 decades, without recourseHow are you going to counter Zanu pf tactics, another 2008 is looming. Another rigging is already in motion, and my concern is the necessary measures are not being prioritized. The is no noise about Election reforms, no action towards a unified approach, a grand Coalition of the people by the people with a leadership that represent all stakeholders. There is no doubt about your popularity, but that alone is not good enough. You need a strategic Coalition to win, and safeguard the Vote. Tick tock, everyday that passes without addressing this is a guaranteed victory for ED and Zanu pf. During your recent tours around the country, they sized you up and made you run for dear life, it's a well calculated and coordinated plan that was being tested. Come 2023, it will be rolled out in full gear, no free pass is guaranteed to campaign, that's where you need a Coalition Leadership with a currency from the people by the people on the ground, to defend the Leadership on the campaign trail and confront Zanu pf thugs with the same determination until the message is clear to ED and Zanu pf, that intimidation and violence won't be tolerated, the approach should be if need be

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