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The High Court Has Delivered A Major Blow To The Government

The high court has found the public authority obligated for veldfires that destroyed a neighbor's property.

The judgment, given over by the high court in Makhanda, subtleties the condition of the public authority's Eversly Farm in Komga, Eastern Cape, when flames broke out in 2013 and 2014.

The flames spread to an adjoining ranch possessed by Louis Nel, who sued the public authority and occupant Joseph Jubeni for harms.

"The [government's] ranch was congested with grass, bushes and dark wattle trees," the judgment peruses.

"He [Nel] said that without a trace of firebreaks, the dark wattle trees had tumbled to his side of the fence and he needed to gripe to [Jubeni] on a few events.

"Accordingly, the firebreaks on the [government's] side of the fence were not compelling in keeping the spread of the flames from Eversly Farm onto his ranch.

"The firebreaks on [Nel's] ranch were, then again, successful in keeping the flames from spreading onto adjoining ranches."

The public authority was not an individual from the nearby fire insurance affiliation and conceded realizing that throughout the colder time of year season there is a risk of veldfires, that "veldfires represented a danger to the adjoining ranches" and that "at all material occasions the development of high fire fuel loads is incredibly perilous and might actually make a fire begin on its homestead or cause the wild spread of flames".

Nel affirmed that there had been three or four flames on the public authority's homestead before 2013. He said he was not astounded when he got a refer to that as "a fire was seething on the homestead".

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