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EFF: The ANC Is Dead Says Julius Malema

EFF pioneer, Julius Malema is busy again shooting shots at the ANC and it's administration during his political race in the Vaal. 

Malema said ANC as a decision presently don't have anything to bring to the table as it is dead, refering to that what's left in the once sublime development are "criminals" who are taking even food packages from poor people. 

The red beret pioneer, Julius Malema said he went out to pay attention to individuals' cries as the spot has no legitimate latrines. 

He said it is apparent that the ANC has been taking cash of latrines. 

"We are here as the EFF to pay attention to your cries. Today, the media is here. They see that there could be no legitimate latrines. Today we can see that the ANC has been taking cash of latrines," he said. 

Malema adds that a great deal of don't have the foggiest idea how much force they have and that they should now proceed to practice that force on the first of November to remove awkward government. 

"We need to think carefully. Stop this thing of saying you make significant progress with the ANC," he said. 

Pundits anyway hammered Malema blaming him for being a flip flopper who sooner or later alluded to the individuals who disagreed with him as "bed wetters," yet since it's political decision season, he is telling individuals that they have control and can lead EFF to triumph on the off chance that they think carefully. 

The red beret pioneer, further contended that the issue inside ANC isn't simply previous president Jacob Zuma or president Cyril Ramaphosa, however that it is the whole ANC which no longer has anything to bring to the table. 

"The issue isn't simply Zuma and Ramaphosa. It is the entire of the ANC, and it is no good," he said. 

He additionally repeated his longing to free the psyche of an African kid, refering to that he isn't fixated on turning into the president, however about reestablishing the respect of individuals of color. 

"In this way, we need to reestablish the pride of an individual of color. I was presented here as an approaching president, however truly, I am not fixated on those things. I need to free the psyche of an African kid," he said.

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