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Capetown Wants to be Seperated from South Africa and become An Independent Country:See Why


For some time now a group of white people have been pushing for Cape town to get independence. That means they will become a country on their own and they can have their own rules and even a president .This issue seems to be getting serious and possible by each day .

How can white people want to seperate land which they dont even own .A civil war can break out before that evens happens .All white people who want to be seperated from South Africa must go back to their European countries and leave the black people with their land.

KZN is also saying if Cape town gets Independence they also want out .They also want to become their own country ruled by their king and to have their own laws .What is really happening in South Africa?

Many people dont have faith in Ramaphosa as a president. As for the white people they know he is weak and he will grant the Cape Independence if they apply pressure . This is really the time when he must put his foot down and command order otherwise South Africa will Fall apart.

If Cape Independence is approved a civil war will likely break out in South Africa .Black people will not alllow for the whites to just take their land again just like that .Black people will never allow white to do as they please especially after our fathers paid for that land through bloodshed.

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