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Many South Africans are in pain, they suffer depression because of unemployment

South Africans are in pain day & night, They suffer from depression because of unemployment! Many have been searching for jobs for years as much as 5yrs & more I'm talking people who did their best to educate themselves against all odds to improve their lives.

I know how painful it is when comes to surviving in today's world, but we can make it easier for ourselves by learning skilled jobs like mechanics, technology and constructions. People with skills are the only people who can survive it this world.

The problem about South Africans they want to play God and open this country to all the foreigners, you will starve In your own country South Africans wake up.

Our Electric Border fence must be reinstated, you can't relax border security just for sympathy for trespassers. We're in this mess today because of exactly that. We cannot be apologetic about effective border security.

Walking the streets of Jo'burg, Pritchard/President Streets towards Doornfontein left me close to tears. The once beautiful City Jozi Maboneng, has become a total slum. The streets are dirty, buildings are sorry state of their former selves. Foreigners have arrived.

African Immigrants are a worldwide pandemic, always on the lookout for "Greener pastures" instead of building their own Nations. They said they want independence but are busy crossing oceans, sailing all the way to Europe to beg refuge from Colonizers.

The issue of Foreigners invading and taking over socio-economic space in our country, is more urgent than any struggle against the white man right now for ordinary poor South Africans, especially the Youth.

Foreigners are the new Colonizers, they are assuming ownership of towns and cities. Giving themselves territories in our Land. We need damage control now.

Illegal Immigration is one-way traffick to South Africa. Our facilities, limited resources and collapsing economy are expected to miraculously accommodate all these intruders. They only preach Open borders now that Sunshine days are over back home.

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