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It might be time for a White President again as the ANC is losing support.

For the longest time The ANC has dominated the election. Always winning the president's seat, and while many people may be confident the will win the next election in 2024, that may not be as likely as they think it is. The reality of the situation is that the ANC has been losing support for a white now from many communities and there voter numbers may not be strong as the need it to be. So who will South Africa choose to be the next leading party. Heres what makes the most sense.

Time for another white president :

While the ANC support has been weakening, The DA remains as a firm second place, however they may rise up. Because of the support the ANC lost with it's bad decision making during the Lockdown and the riots. Their is a likely chance that many will choose the DA at the poles. So what will happen if the DA does take over.

As we can see from places like Cape Town, the DA runs the areas they are in charge of really well. So we can expect a lot of good things to happen as South Africa becomes a reflection of these areas. While we do not know of John Steenhuizen has what it takes to be a president, I think he deserves a shot.

It should be noted that the ANC won't go out without a fight and between now and the next elections they will pull every trick they can muster to win, so if you see them paying more attention to the communities and making a lot of promises, know that this could be a ploy for them to win more votes. What do you think will happen, tell me in the comments section and follow for more news as it happens.

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