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Opinion: A young man who begged for a job with tears in his eyes wins and becomes a soldier.

Opinion: A young man who begged for a job with tears in his eyes wins and becomes a soldier.

Health Commissioner Betta Edu played a great part in the life of a young man who once came to her office to plead for a job.

The man asked to work for free, at a time when he was to be disengaged due to the lack of resources to pay large workers.

After months Luck smiled at the young man and he could get jobs with the Nigerian Air Force.

Health Commissioner Betta Edu shared an emotional story about a young man who, because of his humility, has changed his role in life.

Betta was surprised when she came to her office on Thursday 17 June and saw a man in a military uniform greeting her.

He did all he did.

Looking closely, she realized that Ethoti, the man who came in the pandemic and tried to get busy by helping people, came to her office.

Then he gave the commissioner's office a sanitizer and cleaned the workplace.

He even contributed to the transport of COVID-19 relief materials.

She called her personal assistant when she noticed him and wanted to know the young man more and say she couldn't remember employing him.

The PA pleaded on behalf of Ethoti:

"Commissar I am aware of the fact that your plate is full and we are already very numerous on your personal salary role, please help him.

I'm going to work free, ma

With the economic effect of the pandemic, Betta asked that he stays at home as paying staff is hard enough.

The young man later came to her office, knelt, and pleaded to work for free with tears in his eyes.

Betta was touched when she asked him to return to work.

A few months later, he brought the Nigerian Air Force application form, which showed his interest.

She took the form of someone in the army she knew, and Ethoti was an officer.

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. Compiled a few of the following reactions:

Ogar said:

"Great work, Dr. You've not only saved Ethoti, but many others that can rely on it or directly or indirectly profit from it.

Forgiving him grounds for thanking God, God blesses you.

The Eucharist said:

"May God bless and reward your charity, therefore," he continued.

Leo said:

"Honestly, Cross River State would have stood taller than it was a long time ago if others were to support the children of a nobody like you did just before.

A million times God bless you, Mother.

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