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Immigration policy

OPINION| ANC should have dealt with the immigration issues long time ago

ANC could have should have dealt with the immigration issues long time ago even Malema now changed his tone about his idea of borderless South Africa, because he realized that it was going to cost him. It's either they deal with illegal immigrants or they risk losing power in 2024 we need a government that will secure our borders and depot illegal immigrants, it's time to put South Africans first we need to restore law and order

But the truth is, taking actions or not ANC must be voted out caused the country a lot South Africa is like a dumping site, we have all sorts of criminals here because of the ANC. Forever trying to fix the roof when it is raining I hope South Africans will deliver a loud and clear message that you understand in 2024 at the polls. ANC prefer illegal immigrants than South Africans, that majority of ANC NEC who owns companies, restaurants and farms have illegal immigrants as their cheap labours

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