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"RDP houses are for poor South Africans not o be sold to foreigners" - twitter

RDP houses meant for poor South Africans are being sold to foreign nationals by ANC comrades media isn't reporting that when we riot we will be called xenophobic, it's now or never our mothers are crying while settlers are having a great time in our country @LindiweSisuluSA

Now we're fed up and they're ignoring us until we revolt that's when you'll hear African diaspora and humanrights talking shit,while celebrities are calling us xenophobic.

ANC councilors are continuing to sell RDP Houses, my cousin was called by his councilor offering him 7000 for his RDP. He even told him that he is young and what is it that he going to do with a house.

South Africans, please do not be distracted by the unbaning of alcohol and cigarettes, the government continues to loot our tax Rand with impunity. We must not forget that every Friday is #VoetsekANC no matter what. #AlcoholBan

Looks like Uncle Cyril is ready to lift the alcohol ban to distract us from the corruption. Someone please wys them we’ll still be shouting #VoetsekANC...maa die kee, net ‘n kleine bietjie less sober.

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