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"6 Years Is Too Small" SA Dissatisfied As Illegal Foreigner Gets Sentenced Foe Stealing Rail Tracks

"6 Years Is Too Small" SA Dissatisfied As Illegal Foreigner Gets Sentenced Foe Stealing Rail Tracks.

Over time, the issues of the destruction of and theft of national infrastructure has been a torn in the flesh of South Africans and although the government act as though they care. They do little to nothing to curb the said issue.

Thankfully there's been some change especially as the Dudula campaign and movement has been peaking in the last few months. We've seen numerous and confirmed illegal foreigners being evicted from the nation, companies employing foreigners without scarce skill being probes too.

However a fresh news has since it's publicity left South Africans in a state of incomplete satisfaction, as a confirmed illegal foreigner was arrested for destroying and stealing infrastructural facility only to get was is perceived as a meager punishment from the court.

According to the sentencing of the male Zimbabwean national, made public by news page, Democracy News and media, on Facebook. The Zimbabwean Man who was caught with pieces of railway tracks has been sentenced to 6 years in prison.

Many have aired their opinion and dissatisfaction, here are some reactions below;

"6 years = 3 years probably two with good behavior. Not bad, the problem is how does the destruction of our infrastructure come to a complete halt?"

"Now he is going to eat free meals and get hot showers and toiletries monthly...what an upgrade for him!!! 

Let them be jailed in their own country's."

"6 years isn't enough, coz him being here in our country is a crime, he came here illegally."

"Why was he not given a 24 life sentences."

Source: Facebook

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