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Economic Freedom Fighters mayor won in municipality that is part of Orania

Don't be misled, their district is being represented by a mayor, the major does absolutely no leading.

Orania is private ground and as such privately managed. They pay their taxes and continue to develop with no assistance from National, Provincial or Distict funding.

Malema is occasionally based, he visited Orania. Most of the country should learn from Orania. Stable growth and power production are needed.

why piggyback on what has already been created? orania was nothing and was turned into something. something african leaders can learn from. instead of taking what they cannot create themselves.

the UN charter on human rights allows the right to self-determination. why do you want to go to orania, where you have never even been, to take it from them? there is no gold or anything, except what that community built themselves. That land belongs to them.

Problem with us we tend to think that the mission is to bring down Orania, on what grounds would this happen cause as that place is, they are unfortunately still operating within their rights and the law. Orania is operating within the laws of the country, they are within their legal rights to act any how.

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