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The ANC led government may have failed for years, but people have to be grateful for this one thing

The ANC-led government may have failed the people of South Africa in many ways socially and economically for many decades, but the people need to appreciate this great initiative from the government that came when it mattered the most.

In 2020, the government introduced the R350 Unemployment Grants to assist those who were unemployed. In 2021, the government reintroduced the initiative yet again. It is great to note that more than 5-million have since received the funds. The R350 may be little, but the South Africans need to be grateful that millions have benefitted from the initiative.

To put the icing on the cake, the undocumented caregivers can also apply to have access to the R350 Unemployment Grants.

This affords foreign nationals who are refugees and asylum seekers an opportunity to get assistance from the government. In order to reduce pressure at the post offices, the monies can be collected at other facilities. This is helpful towards reducing the pressure and the possibility of the spread of the Covid-19. The beneficiaries may also use their cards to purchase different items.

Those members of the society who are unemployed, legally documented, and aged between 18 and 60 have the right to apply for the R350 Unemployment Grants. More than 18-million people are reported to have submitted their applications, and more than 8-million have had their applications approved. Even though the unemployment rate in South Africa has been on a decrease even before the Covid-19 pandemic , the introduction of the R350 Unemployment Grants came at a time when the people were desperate for assistance .

The number of people who have applied for the grant shows how helpful the ANC led government has been to its people .

What matters is how the beneficiaries of grants are using their income from the government. Do you think the monies are being used properly to generate more income?

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