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(67) Foreign Nationals Arrested In Eldorado Park, Look What They Were Caught With.

The councillors of Eldorado Park and their teams have decided to embark on the streets to try and clean their area, this is what they found.

The councillors in Eldorado Park, together with their teams managed to make a huge arrest of (67) illegal immigrants.Apparently the councillors realized that their area is getting out of hand with the crime and drugs everywhere.The community of Eldorado Park tried to clean their area but eventually failed and now the coucillors have taken the matter into their hands.(67) foreign nationals were arrested after getting caught with dangerous weapons (knives, screws, unlicenced fire arm) and drugs were also found.

The arrest actually happened during the Gayton McKenzie's PA oversight inspection and the SAPS, JMPD were also helping out.

South Africans were pleased with the work that the councillors are doing and believe other councillors will join the force.The community of Eldorado Park were also happy that finally there is something happening to those destroying the future of their kids.The councillors made it clear that they will continue to embark the streets of Eldorado Park and make it a safe place.It is very sad that all the arrested are actually foreign nationals without valid papers to be in the country.

This is very disturbing that foreign nationals have the access to come into the country without valid papers just to commit crimes.

The other foreign nationals arrested were found illegally mining and had no papers to show that they got into the country legally.South Africans are glad that finally illegal immigrant are dealt with and sent back home.


Apparently foreign nationals believe what happened to the arrested (67) illegal immigrant is xenophobic and South African claim it was a right to do.

From your perpective, was it a good or bad thing to do? Share views below.

Source: Mzansi Times

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