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Bad news for people who are working for the government

It seem like the government is finally identifying cracks that impedes service delivery within the government employees. Only the government is acting like it doesn't not know that most people that are working for the government are not qualified. Most of these people are promoted from one post to the other because of the colour of their skin and with the help of the Union. The have been trying to force private companies to promote black people within their companies even if they are not qualified or got no merits to deserve that. 

Senzo Mchunu

“There have been indications that not all is well. It has been coming in dribs and drabs. What we can say is that this 35% that you see us indicating, we deliberately indicated it ensuring that it is nothing above but it could be less,” said, 

public service and administration minister Senzo Mchunu, following a revelation that 35% of managers employed by national and provincial departments do not have the required qualifications for the jobs they are doing.

We hoping that the tables will change and right people will be employed in those crucial government positions. 

Senzo Mchunu is blaming the heads of department and director generals as accounting officers of failing to do their jobs in making sure that people who are holding those important positions are qualified. 

Mchunu is expecting the provincial and national departments to update their data which will be phase 1 within a week' time. 

He said the government will have phaze 2 to look at those with qualifications that are not satisfying. The public sector is responsible for the breakdown of the public sector because wrong people who are not qualified are running it.

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Senzo Mchunu


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