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" As A Zimbabwean, I Agree With What Malema Is Doing. Let’s Go Back Home And Fix Our Country"

"As A Zimbabwean, I Agree With What Julius Is Doing. We Should Go Back Home, Register To Vote And Fix Our Country". 

The fight against illegal foreigners in South Africa continues as more political parties and people join the movements. South Africans are angry, they want their country and their jobs back. 

A Zimbabwean national by the name of Emmanuel Billiondel made a lot of South Africans happy when he posted a message for his fellow Zimbabweans on Facebook.

Emmanuel first stated that he agrees with Malema and what he is doing with Restuarants. He continued to state that it is high time that his Zimbabwean brothers and sisters went back home, register to vote and fix their country. He asked his fellow Zimbabweans how they would feel if the Zimbabwean government employed Chinese people while they were there without jobs. He once again asked his fellow Zimbabweans to go back home, open their own companies, fix their economy and have freedom in their own country. He then stated that South Africans are not our enemy, we know our real enemy is back home!

Emmanuel received praises for most people as they believed he was telling the truth and his fellow Zimbabweans should probably listen to him as well. 

This guy has said something very sensible for Zimbabweans. They should indeed go home, register to vote and make the change happen. However, what about other nationals who are in South Africa whom do not have any economic and political crisis such as Zimbabweans? Zimbabweans are not the only people in South Africa. Even if they left, there will still be more immigrants from other countries. Emmanuel should have atleast referred to all immigrants in South Africa. 

What do you think are the reasons that Zimbabweans have not been able to go back home? According to Mmusi, Zanu-PF is the reason why there illegal immigrants in South Africa. Do you believe that this could be the reason why Zimbabweans did not leave South African even after Mugabe died?


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