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Opinion| Do all fairy tales begin with once upon a time? "NO" Some begin with 'If I am elected'

The dialog in this cartoon is very important and encourages us to wait for a moment and think.

Do all fairy tales begin with 'Once upon a time' the answer is 'No', Many of them begin with, "If I am elected I promise to give you job opportunities, build you a beautiful house, give your children free and best education etc.

These terms are used to manipulate people who are poor, vulnerable and desperate for jobs. The people who are in need would vote with the hope of getting a “better life for all", a song that is ignited for years by those who give people false hope. After they have been elected, they forget about voters.

You see them driving first class cars. The promises that were made during campaigns seems to be forgotten. The funds that are meant to assist communities are used for personal gains. The voters have been brainwashed into believing that, the very same people who are failing them dismally will rescue them one day, hence they do not out vote them. They say “better the dog we know, than the one we do not know”.

As of late, money embezzlement, corruption and money laundering is like a trend. Recently there is this “norm" where by a member of a political party “steals" money and they are not charged for their crime. Instead of them being investigated or taken to prison there is a cabinet reshuffling. In some other cases a person who “stole" will resign and everything goes back to normal.

Our country is going backwards instead of forward, not to mention that is was once one of the most promising developing country... How can you betray people of your colour. After so many years of struggling as a nation. It’s been 27 years of freedom but there are many things that needs to be fixed in this country. 

What are we voting for? Are we voting to enrich a certain individual? Are we voting to have hope forever or are we voting for a change? Is there really a better life after all?

Voters are being manipulated and taken for a ride in the name of politics. This fairy tale is not fair at all. All fairy tales have a happy ending right?

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