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Opinion: Gayton Mckenzie - All undocumented foreign nationals must be sent packing

Patriotic Alliance is a South African political party which garner 80 council seats in the elections held on the 1st of November 2021. Currently different parties enquired about having coalition governments with the most popular 8 9 Iimportant Alliance (PA). The leader of the party, Gayton Mckenzie, when asked in an interview with Xoli Mgambi of NEWZROOM AFRIKA, said PA will enter into coalition in its own terms.

The terms theref, are not as easy as walking in the park. Mckenzie said, there is no small party in the coalition and he has no problem if coalitions fail. He continued to say, PA will not enter into coalition for selfish reasons but will enter into coalition with parties which will respect the voters by providing better services for the electorates. He said, the people's votes were misused and abused by the so-called big parties. This time around all those must come to an end.

One the PA's requirements for a coalition is that, all undocumented foreign nationals must be sent packing back to their respective countries. Mckenzie said, there are more than 15 000 000 (15 million) undocumented foreign nationals across the country. These undocumented foreign nationals are competing for the little resources with the locals which is putting government under a serious pressure. The PA leader went on to show how foreign nationals are putting pressure on the South African health system. He said during the initial waves of Covid-19, the hospitals services were stretched to the limit. This has a serious repercussions on the government's delivery of services to the poor South African masses.

Mckenzie further said that, if the PA wins 2024 National and Provincial Elections, all the foreign nationals who have only a degree and occupy a job ahead of South Africans, they will be offloaded from the employment to make way for the South Africans. Mckenzie was worried because other parties are silent about the undocumented foreign nationals except PA and Action SA. He said the coalition with Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) couldn't materialize because of its stance on foreign nationals and the national borders. EFF advocates for the opening of borders for a free movement. This does not settle well with the PA which is complaining about the high rates of criminality within the country. Xoli Mngambi gave as an example of a man who murdered seven women and it was found that he was undocumented. This is one of the reasons why PA calls for the foreign nationals to be sent packing to their respective countries.

Do you think PA has a point in sending the foreign nationals back to their countries? Please share your thoughts and don't forget to follow me in order to get more interesting news.

Content created and supplied by: ErnieRaphasha (via Opera News )

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