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Is ANC buying Votes Now? See How Much They Gave This Gogo During A Campaign

Date: 18/10/21



All over the country, it is campaign season, whereby different political parties are going around trying to win votes at the last minute. We have seen the democratic alliance and the economic Freedom Fighters go through extreme lengths to try and gain favour with the people of southern Africa but the African National Congress has outdone themselves as they publicly gave an old woman money during a campaign.


While campaigning in the province of Free State, one of the candidates for councillor gave Lesebo Molefe, who is an old woman in Makwana R10 000 shopping voucher after she complained about poverty. It is said that the money was given to her to help her out because she was living in very poor conditions that anyone should not be living through.

Many South Africans however, think that the African National Congress has started buying people into voting for them by giving them these vouchers. The elderly lady stated that she will vote for Nelson Mandela in the upcoming elections as he was the only true leader to ever come out of the African National Congress. This then means it is another word for the African National Congress all thanks to the gift that they gave her.


We can try to spin this whole thing around but it is quite obvious that this voucher for so much money was only given because it's election time. When the voting is all over and the citizens start complaining about hunger and service delivery, the African National Congress will not be handing out R10 000 worth of food vouchers to people.

The best they have done so far was give individuals R350 for the social relief Grant of distress. South Africans need to be very much aware that the African National Congress has gotten desperate to the point where it will give out money and then talk about it to the media. This is obvious bribery by the leaders of the African national congress.

What is your take on the matter at hand? Do you think this is a way to buy votes?

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