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INDEED - Malema is a double minded person check out... opinion

At present, Julius Malma serves as President of the African National Congress Youth Union. It embodies and represents the problems of a society that uses money as a compass and a secret as the first line of defence, and it represents them well. Most of the political parties of the Communist Party of Nepal, especially the African National Congress and the Attorney General, prefer to conceal the identities of their own donor. Is that because of the capture of what the truth might reveal?

As he hosts events at his home, he received complaints from his neighbours. Because our political and economic elite is not accountable to anyone, it is itself, and Nicoleko Masiba writes, the public has the right to know what is going on in their lives. Julius Malma ' s house is bigger and more wonderful than that of the majority of high-level politicians in South Africa ' s policy and sold his first home at the time of his accusation of corruption, and all his assets were sold at the auction to regroup the funds he was accused of stealing from the Government. Does the value of his network allow him to carry such a big house, in your opinion?

Second topic - Malema is the type of man who changes his principles depending on who he is dealing with; this alone demonstrates that he cannot be trusted because whatever he says now, he later changes when dealing with someone else.

Remember when Malima was still a member of the Ank Youth League when he was the biggest supporter and promoter of Zoma when he said everything bad about Thabo Mbeki to push Zoma's campaign leading to Zoma becoming President of South Africa?

Later, when he and Jacob Zuma had a bad blood spill, he changed his words on Mbeki, claiming that Zoma had misled him with the intention of getting rid of Mbeki.

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So, leave Mbeki aside, let's take a closer look at Braven Gordon.

When President Jacob Zuma shot Braven Gordon as Minister of Mali in 2017, the so-called Eve and Malima were the most public arguments to support Braven Gordon, claiming that Zoma had made a mistake shooting at a good minister, remember?

Braven Jordan was honored by Malma.

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