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These residents have had enough

Some residents in Free State are reported to have had enough of social problems such as unemployment and took it to the streets to make their voices heard.

The angry Virginia residents took their frustrations to the streets and vowed that they would not allow people to leave or enter the area. They promised however that there would be no looting.

Who is to blame for the high rate of unemployment in South Africa? Is it the government? Is it the people of South Africa?

In this issue of unemployment and social problems that have resulted thereafter, many factors are to blame. To begin with, the government of South Africa is to blame for failing to come with ways of creating much-needed employment. The government may be providing different types of grants, but it is not enough to sustain all the people's needs. People need to be working so that they can look after themselves.

Grants do nothing but bring more suffering to the people. The government of South Africa needs to find ways of going into the communities and educating people on identifying means of self-sustainability. After educating people, there needs to be the availability of funds to start income-generating projects. The people of Virginia like the rest of South Africa should not be demonstrating to be given jobs, they need to demonstrate for financial assistance to start their businesses.

It can't be denied that employment opportunities are on a decrease in South Africa as a result of Covid-19. Therefore, people need to explore other avenues to generate income for themselves.

The government should for example consider giving people land and to support the people in turning those pieces of land into something productive. There are opportunities as well online which need to be utilized by residents instead of relying on being handed over manual jobs by the government.

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