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Prisoners must be allowed to bring their partners for overnight visit: Opinion

The government must consider allowing the prisoners to bring their partner for a stay over bight visits of atleast twice monthly.Prisoners also have rights,they might have done bad things but they deserve second chance in life.As they are trying to redeem them to be integrated into their communities one of those must be to start with allowing their partners to stayover the night.

This can be done as an incentive for those to behave well or cover every prisoner.Being inside not seeing people having your freedom taken away can be heartbreaking and they might feel useless.

The issue of the video of prisoner and prison warden,is an eye opener that prisoners also need to be afforded the opportunity to see their other half.They have done their crime yes but let's not punish them till the end.Serving their term is good but they need more .

What are your thoughts about the issue of prisoners having their partners visit for stayover,do you think the government should reconsider this?kindly leave your thoughts by commenting below, like the article and remember to press the share button.

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