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'' The ANC must be shut down and its proud legacy must be archived'' Pallo

It is clear that majority of people have lost the faith and trust on the ruling party the African National Congress (ANC). This is after 28 years of them in power but with little to show.

It is nolonger a secret somewhere somehow the ruling party had drastically failed and the outcomes are very visible to everyone. On the past local government elections, for the first time in its history, The African National Congress didn't manage to get 50+ 1. This simple shows that people are not happy with the current status quo of this party including governance, with high unemployment, poor service delivery and others.

According to Pallo Jordan , “The ANC must be shut down and its proud legacy must be archived. Let the modern day contenders for power and resources create their own formations and ask the elctorate to ascend them to power based on their given programs.“

Now Pallo Jordan is suggesting that the liberation party, ANC is tired and it should be just shut down and whatever legacy that they are proud of will then had to be kept safe for history purpose maybe in a place like museum. This could be look like an insult to a party which still have huge intentions of ruling the republic of South Africa.

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