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Zuma to address supporters from Nkandla

Here Is What To Expect From Jacob Zuma’s Release Party

Date: 2021/09/29

Jacob Zuma is hosting a welcome home party today in his Primary resident in Nkandla, and a lot of high profile people are expected to attend, even though a lot of groups were gunning for his demise only to find out that the strong man is just untouchable.

He was supposed to serve a 15-month jail term which did not even last a month and Chief Justice Mogoeng must be surprised because he was part of the panel that handed down that sentence to Jacob Zuma who is a free man right now and will enjoy growing his livestock.

Zuma knows exactly that there are big organizations with billions being pumped into him rot in prison, but because he is the man that he is, they will never see the light of the day of him being locked up in that regard, the man has been prosecuted for the last 15 years straight, firstly it was assault and he beat that case, but where there is smoke there is usually fire, but in Jacob’s case there is just smoke and mirrors and all the white people want to see him finished but they cannot seem to get to him no matter how hard they try, he is a new age Shaka Zulu but the difference is that he is just too charismatic.

People who will come to his party are obvious, Carl Niehaus will be there eating meat that had just been slaughtered by one of Zuma’s children, also Ace Magashule will be present a the party this afternoon, a lot is going to happen at the release party, but Mr. Zuma has shown his powers when he got arrested during the lockdown, he just raised his eyebrows and people died for him.


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