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OPINION| The Only African President Working Hard for His People is Hakainde

Zambian President Hakainde Hichilema is doing inside a month what Mnangagwa and his regime have failed to do in 4 years, restructure the country’s date. In Zimbabwe, Mnangagwa and his lying Finance Minister failed to do basic things to restructure and start paying the World Bank debt. We really need change, very soon Zimbabweans will be trooping to Zambia to work in restaurants, unless they register to vote for 2023

Well done President Hakainde Hichilema for working hard for your people, this is what a democratically elected leader ought to be doing, working hard to get resources for his people, not looting Covid-19 funds as we saw the ZANUPF elites do in Zimbabwe, more fire to HH and UPND. We hope that other young people in the region are watching and realizing that this can only happen if they register to vote like what the young Zambians did

The statement that he made when he spoke about democracy "We want to create a safe environment for leaders when they retire,and we're not going to treat the outgoing leader as he did to us" It shows political maturity. But, What I know is that you won't be given money just for free, these African leaders must start using resources we have here in Africa to sustain Africa not celebrating handouts 

My question now is, why do we always secure funds from overseas governments, can't we generate enough funds from our resources? It worries me a lot when we clap hands everytime we recieve thse aids. The truth is these funds are traps and once we receive the funds the hidden hand in our day to day control, of our own affairs become visibly clear and controlling. Before we clap hands and give praises to regional leaders for securing foreign funds, we need to ask ourselves some questions like are we not tying ourselves for life in the process. As Africans it's time we develop strategies that shall see us benefit from our abundant natural resources, and get rid of this habit of running around looking for funds

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