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Times Live Has it That "According to JSC Act, A Retired Judge must not Enter Politics" See Reactions

Former chief justice Mogoeng Mogoeng's presidential bid for 2024 has met with mixed reactions, with some people questioning its lawfulness.

Mogoeng made headlines this week after the Sunday Tribune reported he was running for the presidency. 

He was reportedly selected as a presidential candidate by the African Alliance Movement launched earlier this year. According to the Judicial Service Commission Act, a retired judge “must not enter party politics”

He's either retired from being the retired chief justice or not contesting for the political job. If he's allowed to enter into politics, we might start doubting the sitting judges. 

Good one. Otherwise, he will have to choose to forfeit all the privileges that come with being a retired judge or go and contest the 2024 elections. CJ Mogoeng knows exactly what he needs to do and what he will have to forfeit to run for political office. The man does not need to be held by the hand. He is well-qualified to navigate the processes. What matters is that we the people are fully behind him. JSC Act can be contested in courts. The Constitution lacks specific restrictions on why former judges cannot run for Presidency. E.g. US former and sitting judges ran for political office in govt positions such as governors and ambassadors. Judge Davis ran for elections in the US. 

The greediness in South Africa.

The people behind him really wants to eat, I do believe it. Remember they should still be available to be called to come assist if sitting president deem necessary, The media didn't find any scandals to use, but that is the only thing they can use. The commission act says, may not. Not must not. The same law designed to oppress black people? Mogoeng Mogoeng will be the President of Azania whether they like it or not. Acts can be bent if it is for the good course. 

Beside Mogoeng Mogoeng will compete as an individual not as a party. 

He wants all African party to join. Those who are registered with IEC. We will form parties is easy. 

He’s retired, wants to serve his Country. We threw stones at him over his Christianity when he assumed the office. He proved us wrong. Have we not learned? Let’s discuss his remuneration once he succeeds. Afford him the rights of every independent candidate. 

It’s not about money anyway. I have not read the act, however if the wording says, “must not”, that sounds like advice to me, and not a restriction. @CyrilRamaphosa is a qualified lawyer turned businessman. Why not bar him as well? Why even have this debate? Come on. 

Someone said on Twitter that, Former CJ, he knows the law very well, and he understands the constitution very well as the former chief Justice. If this were true, he wouldn't contest for presidency come 2024. 


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