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Finally| Cyril Ramaphosa Signs Three Bills That Will Change GBV

Finally| Cyril Ramaphosa Signs Three Bills That Will Change GBV

Date: 2022/01/28

President Cyril Ramaphosa talks about Gender-based violence, it used to be violence against women and children, now they have realized that people have understood that it is not just women, but also men who end up being abused also women, it is a scary thing that people in this life have started to resort towards violence for survival.

The First bill is The Criminal Law – This is About Sexual Assault on both Men and Women, the bill has been amended to protect people who are being abused. It is said that anyone currently can be abused by the people they are raised by, just because they feel entitled to the tools they own. Gender-Based Violence works both ways, it is not just men who do it to women, today they expect men to be strong but soft at the same time, it is totally confusing for people to try and survive in the office environment.

The second bill – The criminal and Related Matters Amendment Bill, has been expanded as Criminal charges will be laid to people who sexually assault people with a mental illness. They will also be a list of people who will be registered on the Sexual Offenders List that will be publicly displayed where everyone will be able to see and judge.

The Third Bill – The Domestic violence Amendment Bill will be related to domestic violence cases on either men or women and children who might have been abused by people who think they have power over others.


People need to learn to be kind to one another, we all know that we have been put in a box where we think resources are scarce, but the real truth is that there is no truth to that statement, we all can get to live the life we want just as long as we apply our minds and believe to get to where we want too.

GBV. Another glib acronym. But the women we kill are real | CitypressSource:

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