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OPINION| Life will get tougher for Zimbabweans living in South Africa, they must just go back home

Those who were making noise misleading people telling them that the UN will not agree if South Africa doscontinues ZSP, how are you with you with renewing, some were even saying we were given these permits by UN not South Africa, indoctrination by Zanu make people loose their brains. Many of you were busy making noise about land reform, some were even saying that Mugabe is better than Mandela, because he left them with the land then come back home and till the land. The honey moon is over in SA cdes, things will get tougher, the ANC is under pressure because they might loose the national elections, their citizens have been making a lot of noise about foreigners, for many years through xenophobia but it fell on deaf ears, and their views were rejected in the name of pan africanism

For Zimbabweans in SA its going to get tough in the coming few years, the ANC will definitely loose the 2021 national elections and there would be a very bog shift in government policy, even the VISA for Zimbabweans might be brought back. The ANC leaders themselves are suggesting that they might deep to below 40% in 2024, it appears that they are prepared to be an opposition party. If the ANC loose its going to spell hell for the Zanu government, the opposition parties in South Africa are prepared even to impose sanctions on Zimbabwe, those would be really sanctions, even the news of sanctions coming from SA alone will immediately destroy the economy. It would be a good thing for both South Africa and Zimbabwe to see the ANC loosing elections

They took the south African government to court demanding permanent residency or IDs they have been given permits for more than 10 years without their efforts, they were supposed to wait patiently the other thing some Zimbabweans are involved in criminality, a lot of fake licenses etc. Some employers doesn't want to employ South Africans then how are they going to live now these are the results

My view is that the government of Zimbabwe was also a contribution for non renewal of the permits. I remember the former home affairs minister Mr Chombo traveling down south to meet the then minister of home affairs Mr Gigaba, to discuss about the issue of the ZSP which was due to expire in 2017, this hand of appreciation gives weight to requests. So this time they had a bunch of arrogant people who think of no one but themselves. It is not surprising that not even a word of sympathy and support is coming from the Zimbabwean government

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