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OPINION| Loadshedding Will Continue as Usual

Elections are over now and all the X’s have been cast, so the ANC and it’s comrade Eskom can start their game again. And there you have it, South Africa Eskom has just announced that it will be load shedding from 4pm today, ANC voters are either the most ignorant selfish people or they are the dumbest in the world, honestly don't know which one it is anymore. Well done to those who voted for the ANC, hope your food rots in that fridge this last week that this was all a political agenda by canceling last week's loadshedding to ensure ANC votes because here it is again, they did not even went 4 days without contemplating loadsheddding. Fooled you in thinking they actually worked on improving the crisis. Once ANC wins we will all be burdened by tax, inflation, loadshedding and fuel increases. But hey lets just give them what they want, what fools we are. You managed to keep it under control since Friday now you are coming with this, ths loadshedding is an intentional thing, Ramaphosa said it publicly that no loadshedding will occur from Friday till the end of this voting days, Mantashe just few days have said that the ANC has already identified those who are going to get those Billions to build the new electricity plant, this loadsheddings are intentional. Here we go again, thank you Eskom for so faithfully ensuring we have power on election day. It is just mind blowing how at exactly 21:06 last night our Municipality switched the lights off, and back on an hour later and off again for 2 hours. Makes you think, perfect timing for some ballot boxes to disappear, nothing free and fair is there?

What a good lesson to ANC voters while they thought Ramaphosa will talk to the Eskom company to stop the loadshedding for good, here is the answer below


Loadshedding may be implemented at short notice should any further breakdowns occur; Eskom requests the public to reduce the usage of electricity as the power system is severely constrained ~ Eskom HId SOC Ltd

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