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Tensions Between Buthelezi And Zulu Royal Family Date Back to Codesa Negotiations (Opinion)

During the period of transition to Democracy which happened before 1991 and 1994, the Zulu King found himself in the center of two political parties whom it’s members were involve in a bloody war because of political differences. That was Inkatha Freedom Party and African National Party, the King find himself wondering who to back up because IFP leader was led by his cousin Mangosuthu Buthelezi while ANC which was led by Nelson Mandela were promising him freedom he never witnessed during his cousin’s rule under Apartheid government. Out of this processes the Zulu King found himself being confronted by his cousin.

During most of the Zulu King’s rule, his cousin was the prime Minister of KwaZulu homeland. But in September 1994 tension between the Zulu King and Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi were publicly seen. The beef grew as annual Shaka Zulu’s celebration was approaching. There were rumors which said the Zulu king wanted to replace Shenge as the prime minister with Prince Mcwayizeni who had joined the ANC in 1990. This was after the Zulu King had announced that Buthelezi would no longer be his chief advisor and cancelled the holiday ceremony (Shaka Zulu celebration)

Because the Zulu Monarchy did not trust Buthelezi when it comes to planning an assassination. Actually the King felt unsafe at the hands of his cousin, so the South African Defense force escorted the King by a helicopter to Johannesburg. By then Prince Mangasuthu Buthelezi was the Minister of Home Affairs. The former President Nelson Mandela realized that the two cousins were in loggerhead, so he tried to make peace with them but his attempt failed on deaf ears. This also showed how deep rooted was their problem. Buthelezi ignored the calls of the King to cancel Shaka Zulu celebration; instead he moved the event from KwaNongoma to Stanger. In KwaDukuza, Buthelezi addressed regiments who were 10 000.

On the very same day, the spokesperson of Zulu King, Prince Sfiso Zulu was being interviewed on television at SABC studio when Buthelezi and his bodyguards forcibly disturbed the show and physically intimidated Prince Sfiso. The televised incident drew national attention and a public criticism from Tata Madiba made Buthelezi to come to his sense and apologized to the Zulu Royal Family, cabinet and the whole country for his unprecedented behavior. The Zulu King had co-operated as the law requires with the ANC since it took over the affairs of government. Plus ANC proposed that the King’s finance be controlled by KwaZulu-Natal provincial authorities.

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