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PHOTOS: With all the Millions they have, See how Simple Cyril Ramaphosa and Tito Mboweni dress

Although they are rich and powerful, many rich people want to live as easily as possible. It is not uncommon for a rich person to talk about his wealth on social media or to wear expensive clothes in public. Even if you can afford a comfortable lifestyle, most rich people prefer a simple life.

 Speaking of them, South African Republic President Cyril Ramaphosa and former Finance Minister Tito Mbovoni are two examples of the above statement. Publicly, the two politicians have a very basic lifestyle, but they can get any brand name for the price of money. Cyril Ramaphosa and the need to always dress have sparked controversy on social media. Many people are confused about how to wear such well-known clothing when they find high-quality and expensive products elsewhere.

 However, it is understandable that the life of a rich person is simple and easy to approach. The president of the Republic of South Africa, estimated at 606 billion rand, did not appear in public wearing prominent brands. Tito Mbovoni, on the other hand, with all the millions. The former finance minister has never been seen in public wearing famous luxury labels.

 And while they are rich, both are easy. Many people admire them because they are related and make people feel at the same level as them. They are as humble as possible by choosing to be as basic as possible. Cyril and Ramaphosa are disciplined for wearing such clothes, but they do not care and live a modest life.

Opinion: As for me, I don't think there should be any distinguish between being poor or rich in our mode of dressing or in our cultural practices, after all we are all human beings. So please stop criticizing people about what they do or how they do it.

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