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Immigration policy

"The Word Xenophobic Is Like A Toy Gun Used To Scare Us" -Aaron Motsoaledi on Immigration Policy

The Helen Suzman Foundation said in June that it will sue the Department of Home Affairs over its intention to revoke the Zimbabwean Exemption Permit held by 250 000 Zimbabweans, arguing that law-abiding Zimbabweans should not have their permits revoked without cause.

In contrast, the minister of home affairs, Aaron Motsoaledi, believes that South Africa, like every other nation, must enforce its immigration policy.

Motsoaledi stated in an interview with eNCA that his department cannot be accused of xenophobia because it intends to enforce the immigration policy. He says that the word xenophobic is being wielded like a toy gun against his department in order to intimidate and mislead them. He adds that failure to implement the policy in question will result in lawlessness throughout the nation.

Watch: TS5-5T8jphwzJwlAg&s=19


Humanitarian as the Helen Suzman Foundation's request to extend the visas of law-abiding Zimbabweans is, it does not alter the fact that the influx of illegal immigrants increases crime and terrorism concerns.

How can policymakers provide quality services to the public if the government must care for both documented and undocumented foreign nationals? Other nations enforce their immigration policies and even deport foreign nationals whose visas have expired. Why is South Africa unable to do the same?

The only worry is that immigration regulations appear to exclusively apply to Zimbabweans and not all foreign nationals, despite the fact that Zimbabweans are not the only foreign nationals living in South Africa.

There are several foreign nationals, some of whom have taken over illicit mines, but nothing has been mentioned about their deportation. This immigration policy must apply to all foreign nationals.


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