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ANC in shock as another member gets shot after having breakfast

It seems there is a force working towards taking down the ANC bit by bit and currently that force is winning as it has taken several lives of the party members. We can be now sure that this isn't a coincidence, why are political members who have influence targeted? We'd get into that in a second.

Report :

Now, here is what really happened to the member, who is Mduduzi Mswati who was shot earlier today while many were still sleeping, not to mention not even eaten their breakfast. Sadly, Mduduzi Mswati was a victim of a shooting that happened in the early hours of the morning, where he got shot and wounded. Immediately after being shot, Mswati was hospitalised.

However, he is still in critical condition following the accident. It is unknown whether he'll survive the after effects of the incident or not. Only time will tell.

“A Member of the Technical Mayoral Committee in the eMalahleni Municipality in Mpumalanga has been shot and wounded. Mduduzi Mswati has been admitted to hospital in a critical condition following the incident which happened in the early hours of this morning.” read the report.

Opinion :

ANC is shocked by the fact that they're being targeted and that majority of their members are dying at an alarming rate. Who could be behind these shootings and killings? As most of them seem to be premeditated. Is it an opposition party trying to scare the ever winning ANC? Why does the killings happen exactly at the time were elections are right around the corner?

Cyril Ramaphosa and other members must watch their backs as it is unknown who is the next target. Hopefully, the person(s) behind the shootings and killings are brought to justice as soon as possible to avert more damage from happening.

We're worried sick about our leaders and scared for their lives as we still need them.

Get well soon, Mduduzi Mswati. The whole South Africa is behind you and wishing you a speedy recovery.

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