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Kremlin chief urges Russia to ditch tricolor for red Soviet flag after West declares war

An IMPORTANT Russian politician has proposed that the old Soviet insignia be used in place of the current flag of Russia, which features three colors.

In December 1995, as the Soviet Union was coming apart at the seams, the crimson Soviet flag, which was famous for its design featuring a hammer and sickle, was lowered for the final time. A member of the Russian state Duma named Mikhail Sheremet has proposed that the red communist insignia be restored to the flag of the Russian Federation, which is currently white with red stars.

He referred to the Soviet symbol as a "flag of victory" and stated that the modification would "remind" Western audiences of "the majesty of our nation."

He stated, "Western countries are scared; they've declared war on the Banner of Victory, because the red flag of victory reminds them of the greatness of our nation and our victory." The reason for their fear is that the red flag of victory reminds them of the victory that our country has achieved.

Since the invasion of Ukrainian territory by Russian forces in February, there have been sporadic reports of Soviet flags appearing in areas that are now under Russian control in Ukraine.

According to historian Anne Applebaum, the Russian military of today have "eerie" memories of the Soviet Red Army and the NKVD, which was Russia's secret police in the twentieth century.

soviet graphic

In 1995, the red Soviet flag, which was widely recognized for its design of a hammer and sickle, was lowered for the very last time (Image: Getty) russian soldiers.

Russian forces in Ukraine (Image courtesy of Getty)

In an interview with the Guardian, she stated, "They remove local symbols – statues, flags, and monuments – and put up their own."

She went on to say that the use of Soviet flags in Russia's invasion of Ukraine represents a "new twist" in the conflict.

Her explanation was as follows: "Because modern Russia stands for nothing other than corruption, nihilism, and Putin's personal authority, they have brought back Soviet flags as well as monuments of Lenin to symbolise Russian victory."

Yurii Sobolevskyi, a member of the regional council for the Ukrainian city of Kherson, referred to the emergence of symbology from the communist era in the city's southern section as a "march to the past."

soviet flags donetsk

In 2014, you might see Soviet flags flying in Donetsk, which is located in eastern Ukraine (Image: Getty)

He continued by saying, "Their motivation is completely obvious."

They are attempting to profit off of the sentiments of longing and loss that the people has.

"The issue is that places like this are extremely hard to come by in the Kherson region.

Our people live in the here and now, and they have a very concrete and fruitful future ahead of them.

moskvitch Sobyanin said, "We will open a new page in the history of the Moskvitch in 2022." (Image: Getty) "

However, the occupants are clueless of the situation.

As a result, the so-called 'USSR performance' will continue as usual until the armed forces of Ukraine liberate our territory.

After the mayor of Moscow stated that he will bring back an old Soviet car called the Moskvitch, there has been a resurgence of symbols associated with the Soviet Union right in the middle of the Russian capital itself.

The French automobile manufacturer Renault gave up their assets in Russia, including their controlling position in Avtovaz, which is responsible for the production of Lada vehicles.

However, Moscow's mayor, Sergei Sobyanin, stated that Renault's major facility in the Russian capital will be repurposed to begin manufacturing of the Moskvitch automobile, which was a symbol of Soviet-era Moscow.

Mr. Sobyanin was quoted as saying, "I've chosen to list the factory as the city's asset and to resume production under the historical trademark Moskvitch."

In addition, he mentioned that he planned to keep "most" of the plant's employees as well as its subcontractors.

He made the following statement: "In 2022, we will turn a new page in the history of the Moskvitch."

After 75 years of producing automobiles, the Russian automaker Moskvitch went out of business in 2006, despite the fact that its vehicles were once ubiquitous throughout the Soviet Union.


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