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SASSA: Foreigners can now apply for the R350 grant.

Ràmaphosa announced the provision of a grant that would help the unemployed citizens of South Africa in April 2020. While the the process might have taken long, people are now getting their R350. 

The applications for this grant started on the 11th of May, most citizens applied, however some were disqualified as they had existing incomes. Foreigners however couldn't apply for the grant. 

The Gauteng high court has changed this. The court rules that foreigners, specifically asylum seekers and holders of special permits can now be able to apply and qualify for the grant.

Just like with the grant for SA citizens, assylum seekers and special permit holders R359 grant also has a criteria. The obvious one is that in order to qualify, you shouldn't be receiving any income. 

Those whose papers might have expired during lockdown are also welcome to apply for the Covid-19 grant. 

The Social Development department will need to draft the cost of this and represent it to the national treasury so that the additional assylum seekers can also access the grants. 

If you know of anyone who might qualify for this grant and is an assylum seeker, you can now inform them on this.

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