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OPINION | Zanu Pf is Never Going to Solve This Poverty Which it Authored Through Looting Billions of Dollars


ZANUPF is never going to solve this poverty which it authored through looting billions of dollars, the story should now move from just blaming ZANUPF, to conscientising these poverty stricken citizens about how their money was looted, and the options they have through VOTING, that is the work of the opposition to inspire dejected citizens

Since Morgan Tsvangirai died, the MDC is no longer the same, it looks like they lost the vision of the party. They are lazy to campaign, my first time to see Tsvangirai he was at Sipepa growth point deep down there in Tsholotsho. He was campaigning before 2008 elections, but I don't think Chamisa knows the place. He is staying in Harare whilst ZANU PF is in rural areas threatening people to vote for them. For MDC to win the election, they need to campaign in rural areas and give those people hope, nothing comes for free

Grannies and grandpas deep down there in rural areas they know nothing about Twitter. MDC to campaign, even doing door to door campaigning. The truth of the matter is that it will not going to be easy to remove ZANU PF from power, even though it's possible to do so

Chamisa has all but weak he wants to be a cry baby when election are close or after, there is no need for him now to keep on crying about 2018 elections, but he must now be busy working out how can he try atleast to safeguard votes in future. He must now be busy just like what Hopewell is doing youth must know voting is their right for the better of there future. But now he is quit its his time now to reach all those rural areas, seeing whats going on and some need to know which one is his party, because there are now lot of MDCs

What's funny with the picture is there is only one lady who is up, the rest are sleeping and if you look at Chamisa's rallies people will be happy just to see him before he even address them. Our elderly people must be educated that even if they dont go to rallies, no one will bother them because most of them just go as there is a saying that if you dont go, they will come to your house in the middle of the night

Yes people love him but what effort is he doing for those people to keep on with him, he must be busy telling them now hey guys dont give up go and register to vote, lets fight for our country again. Chin'ono is doing great for him now just count how many times they tried to silence him, but he is not

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