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Lindsay Dentlinger Is Hitting Back, She Had This To Say Last Night | Watch!

It seems like Lindsay Dentlinger, the reporter who was accused of being a racist is not agreeing entirely that she was at fault, she did apologise for what happened, she probably felt the need to get that out of the way.

But in the clip, she goes on to make it clear that as much as people had mentioned time and time again that she is racist, she put it out there that she is not.

She went on to get her point across and said that she had called IFP MP, Mkhuleko Hlengwa and deputy president of the UDM, Nqabayomzi Kwankwa and apologised to them for the disrespect.

She did mention how she viewed the whole situation and how she was fully aware of being called out for her unconscious bias, however, she also had questions of her own and she did not seem too worried about the state that she is in.

It may seem like there are still investigations that are still being done, concerning this particular matter, a lot of people probably want to know what the outcome will be and if the news broadcaster, eNCA will dismiss Lindsay Dentlinger or not.

Is there necessity to go deeper into this matter? Maybe there is, it depends on how you look at it, some might say that they are not really interested in what Dentlinger has to say, they know what they saw.

A few other things were raised by Dentlinger, it was almost as if she had prepared everything and made sure she gives as much insight as she can. It is not clear what people will make of this, but for those who have already heard about this, there has been reactions.

Some are not pleased and normally, an apology is made and then we move on, that is if there is sincerity that comes with the apology.

But, with this matter, it is not clear what it will take for people to forgive the reporter. This will probably be a lesson to a lot of other people in the media space that they should make sure that they try as hard as they can to avoid landing themselves into a situation like this. What do you think about this. Please share your thoughts.

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