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Things Are Not Looking Good For Zimbabweans As They Are Being Deported

It has become very clear that in the African continent, only South Africa is expected to house the whole of Africa even the illegal foreigners. South Africa does not have leadership. It is a good thing that we have a leader that would do consultation from time to time but not always. You can not consult about everything when you are a leader. People have put you in leadership so that you can make tough decisions on their behalf. But it looks like that will not be happening anytime soon in the South African context.

The issue of the illegal foreigners in the country has been going on for the longest time and it does not look like the government is interested in solving the issue. The only thing they are concerned about is the unity of the ANC which does not seems to be happening either. As the South African government is still debating and maybe trying to set up a commission of inquiry to find out how the country has so many illegal foreigners, the real thing is happening in Botswana.

There is a mass deportation of Zimbabweans in Botswana and there is nothing that is being said about it being xenophobic. It is believed that Some of the Zimbabweans tried to hide in a warehouse and thought they might escape the deportation. However, they did not know that there will be a helicopter that will be looking for them and they were eventually caught. This is called a "catch and deport" operation against Zimbabweans.

It looks like things are not going well for Zimbabweans. Wherever they go, they are not wanted. We know that even in South Africa their time is limited. It is just a matter of time before they can be deported as we also know that those who are holding the Zim Work Permits, they will be expiring very soon and they will be regarded as illegal foreigners by 1January 2023.

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