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'Worst Picture I Ever Saw' | People Notices This During The ANC Campaign

Well all is well but the end is near all people shall stand before the throne when the drama of life is over. Respect people because they were made by the image of the he living God. When you are in power don't ever think your power won't end and the people whom you look them for grants one day you might need them.

No one chooses to be poor, but it's life that cater different stages and demographics of people's lives. What 'AFRICAN NATIONAL CONGRESS' is doing is totally wrong. Firstly you get votes through people and you are expected to deliver the services to them not with your money but the State because you are a leading party. All that can't happen they get votes and forget ABOUT the poor.

One can say they are cruel and yes indeed they are, bacouse what they do they're selfish they are self sentered not because they don't know the locations of the needy but you only see them when they're champaigning for the election. They should not be proud with this. It's the worse picture the nation could ever saw, treating human beings like this way. Tears are the language that God understand better. They are draging cures into their lives, South Africans are not happy anymore with their services or treatment.

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