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DEVELOPING| Passion Java's cars killed a pregnant woman in Chitungwiza

Passion Java is a law unto himself because as we all know, he uses his connection to the President to do as he likes today his cars killed a pregnant woman in Chitungwiza we have raised concerns with the Zimbabwe Republic Police on this page about Java’s abuse of laws, but nothing was done. As usual and as is the case with Zanu pf he will be protected yet his cars broke the law racing and overspending and killing an innocent pregnant woman. But he has a following calling himself a pastor this is utterly unacceptable and heartbreaking, a president of a country associating himself with thugs and you expect the country to flourish? RIP to the innocent souls who had their lives taken away from them by this Zanu pf bafoon I don't understand why people give him attention, he is supporting oppression, suppression and corruption. Ghetto youths register to vote to stop this or else Zimbabwe will never be a free country as long as Zanu PF is in power. It is so sad that criminals are roaming our streets freely while innocent people are in jail, do not rest dear come back for him may the poor lady Rest In Peace

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Passion Java RIP Zanu Zimbabwe


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